Saturday, November 15, 2014

Healthy Baby + Surprised Teachers

So yesterday I took my 8 month old to our 5th doctor's appointment where the doctor said, "he's perfectly healthy!"  Our sweet daycare teachers are a little baffled as to how he hasn't gotten sick when several rounds of HFM (hand foot mouth disease) and a tummy bug has gone thru his classroom of 5 kids all since August.

He cut 2 teeth in less than a week and has been a little fussier than normal with that and the teachers were almost positive that he had an ear infection.  Nope!

4 times they were fairly certain that he had HFM.  Nope!  (he has ezcema)

My pediatrician and a pediatrician friend of mine have both told me that they attribute a lot of this to our oily efforts to boost his immune system and stay ahead of anything coming our way.

Very proud to have a healthy baby, to have daycare teachers who are so cautious and protective of him and to have an arsenal of oils as my "go to."

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